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"Cucina Toscana" from Vicopisano 

 Pisa province in Tuscany, Italy

When you drive from Pisa towards Florence, taking the road just below the Mount Magno, you come across the medieval village Vicopisano. It’s castle was designed during the Renaissance by Filippo Brunelleschi, artist whom we thank for the dome of the Florence cathedral.
For over 4 generations this local family has handed down their Italian tradition and standards, resulting in a production of some of the Best Original pasta sauces from Tuscany.
The latest generation’s passion for alchemy and improvement has enhanced the food range of ‘Cucina Toscana’ and the processing; born in the 60’s, with incredible curiosity and drive towards excellence, has continuosly studied and reserached technology in order to preserve the natural flavours, nutritive and alimentary values; a commitment to the consumers various needs. Each carefully selected top ingredient is transformed as little as possible creating combinations presenting truly healthy and easily digestible results.

The product range includes a choice of Pasta sauces - Bruschetta sauces - Crostini Dips - Italian flair Vegan sauces - Tuscan ready-to-eat dishes – Game sauces - a pure fruit range – jellies & sauces – bio & vegan; all pure and free-from.




“Because everything here in Tuscany seems perfectly matched, as if nature created these good and pure foods, apparently without any need of human fatigue”.

(Observation of a foodie on holiday)




TUSCAN ORIGIN -  Born in Italy


Tuscany's milennium culinary tradition is famous world-wide for having shared the goodness of the raw materials so abundantly provided by nature.
Tuscany is a small perfect world in itself. Nature has formed the well loved gentle hills, mountain ranges, valleys and the seaside; it is covered with forests & meadows, herbs & flowers, botanical flora & fauna wealth.
Cold winters provide snow and frost - hot summers provide the energy of the sun. A complete circle of nature’s life.
People living here have been shaped by their magnificent surroundings over numerous generations; their energy and drive for perfection have created inestimable artisctic values - architecture, sculptures, paitings; Fashion was born in Tuscany; the Italian language was born in Tuscany; furniture has a long standing  tradition here too.
The hard working tuscan farmers have shaped the various landscapes in a most beneficial, invaluable fashion.

    • Sunny hills nurture a rich variety of grains and grapes in summer;
    • lowlands tasty tomatoes and vegetables;
    • mountain ranges  provide ‘winter-foods’ like porcini mushrooms, truffle, game, nuts and legumes;
    • the seaside offers seafood nearly all year round.
    • Tuscany offers the chocolate-valley, icecream traditions, biscuit specialities, well known wines and spririts and much more.

Every ‘craft’ has perfected their skills, techniques and products over 100ds of years, so today Tuscany can proudly offer a detectable variety of food for every season and taste. 

Our team lives and works in Tuscany, offspring of it’s colors, landscape and history.
Contact with nature and our lifestyle reflects on how we work, therefore on all our ‘Cucina Toscana’ products.





Quality is our daily commitment, a responsibility that we choose towards our customers.
A close collaboration with the chosen suppliers guarantees the best foods which we carefully transform, respecting the nature of each ingredient. Temperature and time are of great relevance.
We treasure traditional processing methods and combine those with adequate technology in order to ensure healthy, delicious and safe foods.
Research and development offer our customers a standard of unique products.
Management ensures efficient production and distribution.






Original Tuscan Pureness
Refined Quality

Private Label







 “FST products share one important quality, that of our Tuscan benchmark of excellence”.









Fabbrica Sughi Toscana srl offers distributors their experience for personalized brand building and increasing customer’s loyalty with personalized product lines and recipes.
Add ‘Made in Italy’ products to your catalogue and let us do the magic.

“Life is a combination of pasta and magic”

– Federico Fellini

Testimonial "Martina Guiggi"





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